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Volteface is an independent research and advocacy organisation, that seeks to reduce the harm drugs pose to individuals and society, through evidence-based policy reform.

The Official Chronic Click 'Cannabis-Based Medicine ' Product (Waiting!)

A registry aiming to enrol 20,000 patients, Project Twenty21 is creating the largest body of evidence in Europe for the safety and efficacy of cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs).
Supporting patient access, Chronic Click are excited to be collaborating with Drug Science and other Project Twenty21 partners to represent our patient community of colour.
Drug Science and Chronic Click hope that the findings of Project Twenty21 will provide evidence for NHS funding where the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis is proven to outweigh the potential risks.
Offering patients subsidised access to CBMPs, the pilot will support prescribing clinicians across the country to feel confident in providing medical cannabis to their patients.

Because every patient matters...

Partnering with world-leading cannabis producers including Tilray and Aurora, we also supply our own range of GROW cannabis oils and flowers. We work with doctors from all UK-based cannabis-prescribing clinics and are able to formulate bespoke THC/CBD ratio oils specific to patients’ needs.

With our high-level expertise, we can formulate and source the medicines required by doctors for the best patient outcomes. Supplying a wide range of prescribed cannabis medicines, we can also make direct patient deliveries where needed. Every effort is taken to ensure that patients have access to the most beneficial cannabis medicines.

The Official Chronic Click Cannabis Clinic of  'Maz Mills'.

Sapphire Medical supply medicinal cannabis at a subsidised rate in exchange for patient treatment feedback.

Real-World Evidence 

The academic team at Sapphire Medical Clinics understand that the future of medical cannabis treatment is centred on personalised medicine and data-driven clinical decision pathways.

We work with academic and industrial partners to ensure that the multiple sources of real world evidence that we collect are used to bridge medical knowledge gaps and provide a comprehensive insight into medical cannabis therapeutics.

Official Chronic Click Cannabis Clinic.

Mamedica is a private clinic with a linked pharmacy which specialises in cannabis-based prescriptions (from oil to cannabis flower), for patients who have not found satisfactory results for their conditions with their previous medication across pain, psychiatry, neurology, palliative care, and cancer.

We offer best-in-class care, advice and support services whenever you need them. Our experienced team of specialist doctors, general practitioners, pharmacists and patient support coordinators are always on hand to make sure your treatment is stress-free, simple, safe and effective.

Official Chronic Click Cannabis Clinic.

Integro aims to provide high quality, responsive medical care which is effective, appropriate, timely and within a safe environment.

A core element of achieving this is how our patients engage with Integro. We encourage patients to contact us directly through using the contact details on this website. At this stage in the process no referral is required.

When we receive an enquiry direct from a patient, we will ask the patient to complete a short medical questionnaire which allows our clinicians to begin to understand your medical condition. The patient will also be sent an online consent form to sign and return to the clinic. This will allow our clinical team to develop a greater understanding of your medical history and tailor the consultation and treatment to your specific requirements.


Chronix Industry Council? Huh?

Chronic Click Supports Professor Mike Barnes of Maple Tree - Voice of the UK Industry

A NEW UK Cannabis Industry Council is being created aimed at providing a platform for the industry to speak with one voice.

It is being driven initially by Prof Mike Barnes – Chairman of Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society – it so far has over 60 members with the aim of securing an initial 100, then pushing on from there.

Speaking to BusinessCann Mr Barnes said: “We need a voice to represent the industry as a whole – that is everyone; clinics, dispensaries, patients’, groups, lawyers, licensed producers, educators, charities, researchers, professional bodies, the trade groups, and others.