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Frequently Asked Questions

Chronic Click is for patients who are both with or without legal cannabis prescriptions.  The overall aim and objective is to assist Project Twenty21 with creating a varied and diverse database, in order to provide the evidence of why cannabis medication needs to be provided on the NHS like any other medication.   In order to be valid, the database must be a reflection of society, so all the walks of life who use cannabis as medication, need to come forward and support this long overdue case for all of us.  There are currently not enough people of colour coming forward and we are heavily unrepresented, but likely the most medicated.  You cannot argue with the right to legal cannabis, to medicate when and where you need to, at a discounted price, and all the legal protections to safeguard your patient status.  If you cant fully support THAT? you must be on drugs lol!  

How do i sign up, and is there a fee?

There is a box at the top right hand corner to log in and also sign up to become a member.  There is no fee to join Chronic Click as it is a support platform for patients from different groups who may have varying special needs and types of support in their medical cannabis journey and beyond.

How do I start the process?

There are no shortcuts to the process.  The first and most important step, is to read through the resource sections on that page, to understand the various organisations involved in supporting your journey.  We can offer support from as early as making contact with your doctor, to signing up to Project Twenty21, and organising your Medcann ID.  The actual patient support is provided by PLEA, but we understood the need for a less formal platform just to simply prepare for the journey itself, for support with simply making contact, or assisting with any communication, cultural, or situational barriers.   We also acknowledge that sometimes even once you have your meds and your card, the lack of awareness may cause issues in other areas of your life, such as guilt, trauma, or isolation for example.   This is also why peer support in private groups and forums, in a safe space, is essential, especially for brand new patients.  After so much headache and illegality, it has been noted to be a bit of a 'shock' to the system for some patients, as old habits and feelings die hard.  This is another consideration that requires support, and much more than many of us realised.

What happens once Iv'e signed up?

You can use the groups, the forums, or one-2-one sessions, emails, or messages to get peer support and to encourage discussions on any sort of barrier to wellbeing for any kind of patient.  We encourage you to join the relevant groups that apply to your support needs.  All we ask is when you get help, please take action to help and support someone else, or ides to improve, anything that has been missed etc.  Please remember Chronic Click is focused on cannabis users who medicate for a physical or mental condition whether disclosed or not.  The fight and the advocacy is for us ALL to have medical cannabis on the NHS like any other medication.  While we are not against the legalisation of recreational use, there is a massive difference when you consider that we as patients actually depend on our medication, and it is an essential part of our wellbeing that we cannot and should not, be persecuted for.

Why should I become an advocate?

As mentioned, in the united fight for NHS medication, the benefits of cannabis as medical treatment, for all kinds of people and conditions, needs to be proven before it can be accessed on the NHS.  It has been 3 years since legalisation of medical cannabis, but maybe noone that you know is aware or even believes that it is actually accessible legally for medicinal use.   Advocacy can be as small as letting someone you know with a qualifying condition be aware.  There are opportunities to work or start businesses within the emerging industry.  It is hoped that medicinal cannabis management can pave the way for a recreational industry in future, but the immediate focus must be its original form, which is to treat medical conditions.   



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